I am stuck on this problem where I have a tooltip on specific cells in an EditorGridPanel. When my grid contains data, the tooltip is working fine. But it can happen that my grid doesn't contain data, in that case I show an emptyText. When I hover my mouse over the grid(with no data) I get the following error: this.config[col] is undefined.
getDataIndex : function(col){
    return this.config[col].dataIndex; <-- Error
//Error on line 45686 in ext-all-debug.js
The problem is that I show a tooltip based the dataIndex the column has on which my mouse is standing.
My JS code for doing that is:
beforeshow    : function updateToolTip(tip){
                        var columnIndex = grid.getView().findCellIndex(tip.triggerElement);
                        var rowIndex    = grid.getView().findRowIndex(tip.triggerElement);
                        var dataIndex    = grid.getColumnModel().getDataIndex(columnIndex);
                        // Switch based on dataIndex.
                        switch (dataIndex){
                            case "organisatie":
                                  //Show tooltip
When my grid is empty I don't want to show a tooltip. How can I prevent this error from showing ?