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Yes, I know of this problem. I've lived with it for over 2 years, but never managed to solve it (tried for a few hours and then abandoned it). It is more complicated than it looks.

Notice also that in IE it does not happen.
the problem here is in html_code stuff
if you remove it, everything seems to be OK:
       /*var html_code =
            "div#" + gidPrefix +
            " div.x-grid3-row {padding-left:" + (gfLen*12) + "px}" +
            "div#" + gidPrefix + " div.x-grid3-header {padding-left:" + (gfLen*12) + "px}";*/
            tag: 'style',
            id: gidPrefix + "-style"/*,
            html: html_code*/
it solves this particular problem at once