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    Default Another Codeigniter Direct implementation

    Hi folks, I saw the other thread for a direct codeigniter implementation but I think my approach is a bit different.
    You can grab the code from
    The classes that Direct calls in my case are regular Controller classes, just like those that are in the application/controllers folder but the ones for Direct stay in applications/direct folder.
    Going this way lets you use the same models libraries and syntax as in codeigniter.
    I'm running this same code in an application that is build on direct and features all kinds of grids, trees, forms and such.
    I have a basic test build in, so some of the files are purely for example.
    The files that you need to worry are:

    application/controllers/direct.php <- you can change the index and deploy login checks if needed
    and the application/direct folder for your controller classes

    enjoy, I hope you like it.

    NOTE: If you are using Codeigniter 2, you will need to change the model class in the example to extend CI_Model (don't forget to also reflect that in the constructor function)
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