Hi, I have extjs form and i use checkbox group in this form. I load values from server. Code is here.

form.getForm().load({url: 'getdata.php', method:'GET'});
Textfield and combobox is loading values but any checkbox is not checked in checkbox group. How can checked checkbox with load values.

My checkbox group here.
   var features = [{
            xtype: 'checkboxgroup',
            fieldLabel: 'Features',
            id: 'features',
            items: [
                {boxLabel: 'Usb', name: 'usb',  inputValue: 1},
                {boxLabel: 'Power', name: 'power', inputValue: 2},
                {boxLabel: 'Wifi', name: 'wifi, inputValue: 3}
Sorry for my bad english.