I almost spent a week in attempt to make a demonstration of iframe work with ExtJS (3.x). Sometimes I ran into circles. I noticed that Doug Hendricks had posted solutions to many frustrated users. However, I am still failing to make a demo page work. I took the samples from http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...el-%281.2.7%29 and I tried everything.

When I run adviframes.html (in the sample advDemo22.zip in the above link) and I get uncaught exception that border layout does not have center region. But adviframes.js does have center region defined as tabpanel.

Why isn't there one sample that someone can just use? If I cannot use iframe, the chances of using ExtJS in our new project is zero, because all our applications have navigation menu (as tree) on left and iframe in the center right.

Any pointers to a working example that does not need too many tweaks?