Hey there,

I have a div in my page (outside any Ext.container, so far I render ExtJS components only in certain other divs...)
<div id="myImgLane">
   <img src="img/foo/bar/012511.jpg" width="328" height="140" alt="">
   <div class="centeredCaptions">a nice picture</div>

  • I would like that Image to have shadows just like ExtJS Dialog boxes have... may be a bit more exaggerated/wider.
  • I don't mind inserting a panel/cimponent/box here, as long as it has no visual impact other than casting a shadow... if that's not an option, should/can I re/abuse ext-ish CSS-styles ?
  • Width and height of the image is known, but wildy differs all the time. (all figured out at rendertime, php-side)
  • A not on the side. My background is not unicolor. In fact, the outermost div has it's own jpg as background.. it's an outermost div, not an underlying div, z-buffer-wise speaking. Is that a problem? Not sure if alpha-png-backgrounds of higher div layers behave (read: fade) properly against outer divs, or only against literally underlying divs...

Somebody has a simple solution for this?

Thank you!