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Thread: Ext.util.Scroller. How to make it recalculate scrollbar size?

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    Default Ext.util.Scroller. How to make it recalculate scrollbar size?

    Is there a way of forcing a Scroller's Scrollbars to update their size when the content which they are scrolling is resized?

    I the screenshot below, the PDF content of the Panel has been expanded using reverse pinch so that there is now much more scroll available. The Scroller allows the scroll, but you see the way the scrollbars cross? There should be a way to force a recalc of their size.

    They do resize "dyamically" when you hit a scroll limit.

    (Hmmm..... of course I forgot that there are more pixels per inch on the iPhone, I didn't realize that the screenshot would be so huge!)

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    I had the same problem with my zoom functionality.
    The problem lays in that updateBounds uses the naturalHeight and naturalWidth to calculate content size. Also, the same function uses the container size, where the zoomed object is located. I did manually resize that container to the same height and width as the zoomed object during the pinch.

    This is the updated updateBounds() im using ... not so pretty, but it does the trick ...

     * Function for getting calculated height of an object
    Element.prototype.calculatedHeight = function () {
        return document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(this, null).getPropertyValue('height', null).replace("px", "");
     * Function for getting calculated width of an object
    Element.prototype.calculatedWidth = function () {
        return document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(this, null).getPropertyValue('width', null).replace("px", "");
     * Override current implementation of the updateBounds() method.
     * We are getting errors when zooming the image, it gets placed outside the scrollable area.
    Ext.override(Ext.util.Scroller, {
        updateBounds: function (scrollIntoView) {
            var me = this,
                needsScroll = false,
                firstChild = me.scroller.dom.firstChild,
            // Get container size
            me.parentSize = {
                width: me.parent.getWidth(true),
                height: me.parent.getHeight(true)
            // Get content size. Either the new calculated/scaled size or the initial scoller size
            me.contentSize = {
                width: firstChild ? firstChild.calculatedWidth() : me.scroller.dom.scrollWidth,
                height: firstChild ? firstChild.calculatedHeight() : me.scroller.dom.scrollHeight
            // Get the scrollable view size
            me.size = {
                width: Math.max(me.contentSize.width, me.parentSize.width),
                height: Math.max(me.contentSize.height, me.parentSize.height)
            // Determine the boundaries that we can drag between
            me.bounds = {
                x: me.parentSize.width - me.size.width,
                y: me.parentSize.height - me.size.height
            * Below, we check if we're scrolled past the dimensions of the container.
            * If the content size changes, say, all the items being removed from a list
            * we need to truncate the scroller.
            if (scrollIntoView) {
                if (this.scrollTo(me.getOffset()) !== false) {
            if (me.scrollbarX) {
                calcX = me.size.width - me.parentSize.width;
                if (scrollX > calcX) {
                    needsScroll = true;
                    scrollX = calcX;
            if (me.scrollbarY) {
                calcY = me.size.height - me.parentSize.height;
                if (scrollY > calcY) {
                    needsScroll = true;
                    scrollY = calcY;
            if (needsScroll) {
                    x: scrollX,
                    y: scrollY
                }, false);

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    Cheers Kask. I'll look into that when I get back to my other office (home!)

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    Yeah updateBounds is the method you want to be looking at, iirc it's changed a bit from the one @Kask posted.
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    Question BufferView - How to make it recalculate scroller height on browser window resize?

    BufferView - getVisibleRowCount()
    protected int getVisibleRowCount() {
    int rh = getCalculatedRowHeight();
    int visibleHeight = scroller.getHeight();
    return (int) ((visibleHeight < 1) ? 0 : Math.ceil(((double) visibleHeight / rh)));

    scroller.getHeight() does not change when the browser window is resized.

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