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Thread: The completion in Japanese with the combobox and firefox

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    Default The completion in Japanese with the combobox and firefox

    First, sorry if the post is not in the correct place but i can not read japanese.

    We are trying to have the auto completion in japanese with the combobox. We use ext 2.2.0.
    I have tried based on the exemple combos.html.

    First i have added 3 items in States.js

    Ext.exampledata.states = [
    ['jp', '?????', 'The Heart of Dixie'],
    ['jp2', '??', 'The Heart of Dixie'],
    ['jp3', '??', 'The Heart of Dixie'],
    ['AL', 'Alabama', 'The Heart of Dixie'],
    ['AK', 'Alaska', 'The Land of the Midnight Sun'],

    Everything is all right, it well appears in the combos if i use the arrow.
    But when i use the japanese tool to be able to key in the japanese character, nothing append with firefox, with ie it is (almost) perfect.
    What we have to do ?
    Thank you

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