Ext.Direct is a wonderful method to interact with the server side, but I have a few questions about things I cannot found in the source.

1) In Direct.js I found:
exceptions: {
        TRANSPORT: 'xhr',
        PARSE: 'parse',
        LOGIN: 'login',
        SERVER: 'exception'
What does this mean? What can I do with it?

2) With something like
Ext.Direct.on('info', function(e) {
	Ext.Msg.alert('Info: ' + e.data);
I can react onto server side events. But how can I produce a server side event. The special case of an exception is no problem: throw new exception ...
But what is to do with other events?

3) Is it possible to initiate a server side event out of a php script called by cron?

4) Is there already a useful login method? I think about following situation: A session may be timed out, but this should not end in loosing data, which was not saved. So if an Ext.Direct call is make for doing something on the server and the session is timed out, on client side should appear a login window. If the user logged in successfully, the last call to the server should be repeated. So it is a transparent login system: the application itself is not disturbed when the user is able to continue the session with correct password (changing the username should not be possible). If nothing exists till now, has anyone an idea, how to solve this?