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Thread: changing the checked status of a TreeNode using code

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    Default changing the checked status of a TreeNode using code

    I could not find anything about this on the forum os anywhere else.

    I have a tree with checkboxes set using the 'checked' property of each node.
    I use the id of the TreeNode to create checkboxes with the same id in order to display a list of all selected items in the tree. When a user toggles the TreeNode, my code adds or removes a corresponding checkbox.
    I have a function, see code below, attached to the checkboxes, that fires on the status change of a checkbox.
    The functions get the appropriate parameters and I can access the TreeNode attributes in the function and they get applied instantly. I cannot find a method to access the the 'checked' property.
    Or is changing the checked status not possible using code ?

    ** Solved it ** See changes to code in comments.

    function reportSelectionRemoved(checkboxId, status)
    treeNodeId =;
    root = Ext.getCmp('customerFilterTree').root;
    treeNode = root.findChild('id', treeNodeId, true);
    /* change the appearance */
    /* change the property */
    treeNode.attributes.checked = false;

    if(status === false)
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