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Thread: Ext.Button and background-image CSS

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    Default Ext.Button and background-image CSS


    I would like to create my own tool bar, like the one there is in the Ext.form.HtmlEditor (the one with the "bold", "italic"... buttons).
    I manage to get an icon showing on these buttons by using the 'icon' property of the Ext.Button, but I do not manage to get the icon showing by using the 'iconCls' property

    My code looks like this :

    var toolBar = new Ext.Toolbar({standard config options...});
    var buttonBold = new Ext.Button({    
                                    id : 'boldBtn',
                                    enableToggle : true,
                                    cls : 'x-btn-icon',
                                    //iconCls : 'x-edit-bold',
    with the following CSS :

      background-image : url("bold.png");

    And my button is not filled with the 'blod.png' picture...

    Am I doing something wrong?

    And it would be perfect if I can use the 'tb-sprite.gif' which is the piture used by the HtmlEditor...
    I looked the code of the HtmlEditor but I can't find what I am missing here to get it working.

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