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Thread: Component's Height

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    Default Component's Height

    I have a long list of items defined using a simple div structure and put them into a component, which has been configured to scroll vertically, like so...
    var listHtml = "<div>item 1</div><div>item 2</div><div>item 3</div><div>item 4</div>...<div>item 50</div>"
        var listPanel = new Ext.Component(
                    layout: { type: 'vbox' },
                    scroll: 'vertical',
                    html: listHtml,
                    title: 'title'
    The component itself is on a tabbed panel.

    If I don't set a height on the Component, then I only can only scroll to get the first say 10 items. On setting a height I can scroll to the bottom of the list.

    The problem I've got is that if I set the height to be suitable for an iPhone, then the list is too long/short for other devices. Equally if i change the orientation, the height is wrong.

    On the tabbed panel there is a property that can be set "fullscreen: true" which forces it to fill the available height. Is there a similar property that I can set on the component to achieve this?

    Or do i need to write some code to look at the device's screen size and orientation in order to figure out how big to make the component's height?


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    By putting an item inside a tab panel, the card is automatically sized to the height of the tab panel:

        onReady: function(){
            var main = new Ext.TabPanel({
                fullscreen: true,
                items: [{
                    title: 'Foo',
                    html: 'Foo'
            }, 1000);
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