Hi There,

I have a ListView object defined as below, using some templating to get the rows displayed how I would like. I also would like to get a combo box displayed in one of the columns which will just list a set of actions a user can select to perform.

Can this be achieved?

listview = new Ext.list.ListView({
  store: store,
  emptyText: 'No Vacancies To Display',
  columnSort: true,
  singleSelect: true,
  columns: [{
   header: 'Job Title',
   width: .3,
   tpl: '<p><span style="font-size:14px;"><b>{jobtitle}</b></span></p><br/><a href="#">{company}</a>'
   header: 'Location',
   width: .2,
   dataIndex: 'location'
   header: 'Salary',
   tpl: '{salary:number("0,000.00")}'
   header: 'Candidates',
   width: .2,
   tpl: '<p>New: {newcandidates} <br/> Current: {currentcandidates}</p>'