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Thread: JsonReader and recordType is undefined

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    Default JsonReader and recordType is undefined


    I am trying to do my first JsonStore to work but I keep receiving: recordType is undefined.
    Here is the the interesting part:

    var TestRecord =[ // creates a subclass of
    {name: 'lanID'},
    {name: 'translation'}

    var writer = new{
    encode: true,
    writeAllFields : true

    var reader = new{
    totalProperty: 'total',
    successProperty: 'success',
    root: 'data',
    idProperty: 'lanID'

    var proxy = new{
    api: {
    read : '/ajax/remote?doAction=AJAX_saveAdditionalRemark&action=read',
    create : '/ajax/remote?doAction=AJAX_saveAdditionalRemark&action=create',
    update: '/ajax/remote?doAction=AJAX_saveAdditionalRemark&action=update',
    destroy: '/ajax/remote?doAction=AJAX_saveAdditionalRemark&action=destroy'

    var propertyStore = new{
    id: 'user',
    autoLoad: false,
    proxy: proxy,
    writer: writer,
    reader: reader,
    autoSave: false


    When I execute this I can see form the firebug that the
    "var s = this.meta, Record = this.recordType,"

    Record is undefined. Although I specify the type at the reader and I have tried specify the fields at the store with no success.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Last edited by pouli; 6 Oct 2010 at 8:02 AM. Reason: Changed "RecordType is undefined" --> Record is undefined

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