I have two radio buttons in a group. I'm trying to increase the font size of the label ( in this case "None" and Some"). Ideally I would like to use css to do this, but this is not a necessity. I have tried setLabelStyle, addInputStyleName, setStyleName. Any suggestions? The code is below. I would also love to also increase the size of the radio button itself ( the circle ), but realize that this probably can't be done. Thanks!

RadioGroup rg = new RadioGroup();

final Radio none = new Radio();
none.setPosition( 10, 10);
none.setHeight( 50 );
none.setSize( 100, 100 );

final Radio some = new Radio();
some.setPosition( 150, 150 );
some.setSize( 200, 200);

rg.add( none );
rg.add( some );