I have a textfield where I am displaying an image to the right of the textfield using the left/right ColumnData setup. I also would like to display an image with text directly below the textfield. I was able to get the image displayed by creating a plugin and appending the image as a child element but I'm not sure how to get additional text to display directly to the right of the image.


 ComponentPlugin plugin = new ComponentPlugin() {  
    public void init(Component component) {  
        component.addListener(Events.Render, new Listener<ComponentEvent>() {  
            public void handleEvent(ComponentEvent be) {  
               WidgetComponent errorIcon;
               El elem = be.getComponent().el().findParent(".x-form-element", 3);  
               Image image = new Image("images/icons/warning.gif");
               errorIcon = new WidgetComponent(image);
              // How do I get the text next to image?
 FormPanel p = new FormPanel();

LayoutContainer l = new LayoutContainer(new ColumnLayout());

 WidgetComponent newIcon;
 Image newimage = new Image("images/icons/newicon.png");
 newIcon = new WidgetComponent(newimage);

 FormLayout formLayout1 = new FormLayout();
 LayoutContainer left = new LayoutContainer(formLayout1); 
 FormLayout formLayout2 = new FormLayout();
 LayoutContainer right = new LayoutContainer(formLayout2);

 TextField<String> t = null;

 t = new TextField<String>();
 left.add(t, new FormData("100%"));
 right.add(newIcon, new FormData("100%"));

 l.add(left, new ColumnData(.97d));
 l.add(right, new ColumnData(.03d));
 p.add(l, new FormData("100%"));
I've searched through the forums for a considerable amount of time and have not found a solution on this.