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Thread: Looking for a business partner for ExtJS enterprise project

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    Lightbulb Looking for a business partner for ExtJS enterprise project

    First - I hope this thread does not violate any of the forum rules. This is not a job request or advertisement per se and relates to ExtJS development.

    We are looking for a business partner whom is very proficient in ExtJS UI development, OO programming, UNIX administration, data modeling and enterprise server topology planning (i.e. replication, load balancing, etc.) to assist in the launch of a cloud based learning management system (LMS). I want to start off by disclosing that this is currently a grass roots operation with thousands of hours already invested, having huge growth potential as well as having a potential enterprise institution lined up. A little background about the project, my role/experience and the proposed opportunity (I plan to provide an outline without divulging critical details publicly. Further details will be shared with the successful partner).

    I have several years of instructing experience at the institutional level. Throughout the years I have seen methedologies that have been implemented to assist in online learning content delivery. The enterprise LMS systems I have seen and used to date have been antiquated and disorganized in terms of content presentation and workflow, as well as licensing, cost and implementation requirements. This has prompted the development of a cloud based LMS, intended for higher level educational and corporate institutions. Our project is nearing it's initial trial (approx. 100 users) release to our potential customer scheduled for January and will require the implementation of several more modules, code clean-up and enhancements. As with any enterprise level product, significant development is required and we are searching for a business partner to aid in the final development stages, of the initial release phase, of this project as well as the continued development and marketing of the system. The interested candidate will be an individual that realizes the potential of the product and will possess a monetary stake within the company. The candidate will be required to invest substantial development effort and participate in all aspects of the business.

    If you feel this is an opportunity you wish to pursue and possess the availability and skills necessary, I would be very interested in speaking with you. Please PM me your details. A Skype conversation would be great as well as any initial samples of your work before we begin our conversation. We are North America based; however, international developers are welcome.

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    Default Business Partner

    I have the project development base on extjs and I interested to be extjs business partner in Thailand.
    How to do?

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    I'd recommend looking at our SenchaDevs web site ( - this is a directory of organisations with experience in Sencha's frameworks. You can search the directory based on location, technologies, and budget.
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