Hey guys,

I am trying to create a new app that uses the Kitchen Sink as a template. Here is what i would like to do:

1. Create the nested listed on the left from a call from the local database.

2. Add a "new"button on the top bar of the left navigation and when clicked go to a form on the right that will add the new entry into the database and on successful insert, repopulate the nested list on the left to show the new value.

3. Also incorporate a "edit" button either on the nested list item, justified right or on the detail page once you click on a nested list item to display content on the right. The edit button would bring up a form filled in the nested list value and save to the database on submit and then refresh the nested list. On this view, could also be a delete button.

This would be great if the default kitchen sink example incorporated these basic features into the demo. I think a lot of applications would use this in so some similar way.

Any help from the developers and community would be great!

UPDATE: I will award the first individual who offers me a solid solution and code with $50.