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    Default CRUD example with codes generated by theExt Designer..

    Hello Guys,

    I'm Newbie in this PL, I want to create a program with basic CRUD function.
    Anyone please help me on how to create a program with a CRUD features using Ext Designer..

    all helps from you will much appreciated..

    thanks a lot..


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    There is no simple answer to what you want.

    ExtJS is only for UI design, not a complete IDE like Visual Studio or Delphi.

    You must craft your server code in whatever programming language you use (PHP, .NET, Java, etc.), then "connect" your ExtJS application to it.

    So, ExtJS Designer isnt really for "Newbies", first you must undertand how it works then, when you have suffer hand crafted UI, go to ExtJS Designer.


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    Default POG+ExtJS = RAD - Make a CRUD Form in a few clicks

    Check this out,
    Make Interface (with ExtJS), Server Logic (Php Classes) and Database (MySQl DLL), just following a wizard you can make a CRUD form very quickly and easy, in a few clicks you get a form ready for add,update and delete operations. Best Regards

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