Hi, I've been using ExtJS for my commercial product with great result for a while and now considering to purchase a Sencha Touch license for the upcoming mobile edition which I'm currently working on.

However, as I read the license terms I found a certain clause which I'm not perfectly sure if it would affect my intended use. It says :

You are explicitly not allowed to redistribute the Software or
Modifications as part of any product that can be described as a development toolkit or library or is
intended for use by software developers or application developers and not end-user
My product is a sort of a web based reporting platform with which users can create their own EIS website. However, it's not a development toolkit or library or a web authoring tool in that it does NOT allow users to use it to develop any independent website. But it just allow them to create pages with charts or reports on a pre-installed website which itself is made with ExtJS(with a valid developer license).

And the steps required to create those charts and reports do not contain any ExtJS codes also. However as our product is sometimes described as 'EIS development platform', and even those our 'end users' never write ExtJS codes directly or indirectly, many of them are actually developers who mostly do SQL and HTML codings, so the above clause got me concerned a bit.

Is it alright for me to purchase a single developer license?

I'd appreciate if anyone could clarify the mentioned license terms.


Xavier Cho