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Thread: Adding Scroller for div

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    Default Hi

    If you check this thread

    in screenshot itself you can see Day View with Header part from Sun to Mon,

    I was trying to keep those header static and give scrollbar for Days.

    Curruntly i have scrollbar for whole.

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    Default location code?

    Hi there
    I'm on sencha 2.1 and try to scroll only the body of my custom html container ( with a faked static menu on top and bottom.

    Where should i place this code to specify the scroller? ( cause i think this could do it


    Quote Originally Posted by tomalex0 View Post
    Its possible ,
    Considering above condition

    Specify scroller like this

    new Ext.util.Scroller(Ext.getDom("#mainid .div-body"))[0], {
                vertical  : true,
                listeners : {
                    scope       : this,
                    scrollstart : function(){
                    scrollend   : function(){

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