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Thread: Tab deacticate event called before component change event

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    Default Tab deacticate event called before component change event


    First, sorry for my bad english, I'm french.

    My problem is that I want to call a function on the onChange event of a combox.

    My JSP contains tabs and i have a problem with this.
    When I change the value of my combobox and after I change the current tab, the "deactivate event" of my tab is called before the onchange event of my combobox. I don't want this behavior.

    Is it possible to force the onchange event before the deactivate event ? Or an other way...

    Thank you


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    You will need to explictly focus the tabstrip item in the beforetabchange event.

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    Thank you for your reply but...

    In the "beforetabchange" I tried to focus another field and I tried to explicitly blur my combobox but the onchange event is still called after...

    Order of the events call :

    - beforetabchange (tab event)
    - deactivate (tab event)
    - change (combobox event)

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