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Thread: Looking to Meet DC Area Sencha Touch Developers

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    Default Looking to Meet DC Area Sencha Touch Developers

    I'm looking to Meet Washington DC Area Sencha Touch Developers, We're in Northern Virginia and are looking for someone to educate us on Sencha Touch development. This could be a part-time paid consultancy (you act as a mentor) or ultimately might work as a contract coder for us. You MUST be able to make semi-regular trips to our office near Dulles airport so please don't reply if that's not a manageable occasional commute for you.

    Right now we haven't settled on the Sencha framework but it's one of the top 2 under consideration so maybe you can just convince it it's the right tool AND provide some guidance/act as a consultant for our next steps.

    Call 202-280-7562 or email if interested.

    I apologize if this violates forum rules. It's my 1st day here and I couldn't find anything about job postings at all in the FAQ.

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    There are no longer rules about this, thus is allowed.

    I responded to your email. Your phone number directly forwards to voice mail. :-\

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