I was having some difficulties with rendering my tooltip in IE8. The tooltip works great in FF and Chrome, but not in Internet Explorer.
The problem is clearly shown in the image below:

The code I use to make the tooltip is (got it from another thread on the forum):
function showToolTip(grid){
        grid.tip = new Ext.ToolTip({
            target      : grid.getView().mainBody,
            delegate    : '.x-grid3-cell',
            renderTo    : document.body,
            autoWidth   : true,
            listeners   : { beforeshow : function(){
                   // Get data to show in tooltip
The thread where I got this code from is: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...259#post265259
It is quite an old post, so I might be not compatible anymore. Is this a internet explorer related problem or am I doing something wrong in my code ?