I have a form with a tabpanel which conatains 6 Tab Items.

tabs = new Ext.TabPanel('tabs2', {
                minTabWidth: 20,
            var tabAlleAuftraege = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab1', 'Alle Aufträge');
            var tabBeauftrag = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab2', 'Beauftragt');
            var tabAbgefahren = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab3', 'Abgefahren');
            var tabAngekommen = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab4', 'Angekommen');
            var tabAbgerechnet = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab5', 'Abgerechnet');
            var tabStorniert = tabs.addTab('tabs2_tab6', 'Storniert');
This Tabs are used to set a filter to a list of data on the tabitems. For this reason it adds an id to the url of the browser.
For example:
var url = "auftragliste.html?status=";             

tabBeauftrag.on('activate', function () {
document.location.href=url + '5';
Most often this functioned nice, but sometimes Ext-JS added an '#' to the url, when changing the tab item very fast or doubleclick on an tabitem.

What can be the reason, what can i do to resolve this problem.

We are using Ext-JS in Version 1.1.1

Thank you for your help.