Hi guys,
I open this post because I need some information about contest submission.
I explain my problem:
I entry the contest before the deadline and submit my application.
Looking at the forum i read that a lot of entry was not choosen for the top ten application list, by getting an e-mail from sencha who informed them about the decision.
Now my problem is that today, 02/11/2010, I still got no e-mails saying if I'm in or out the list and I'm really getting crazy waiting for a response. Now my question is: does everyone who join the contest got the same e-mail from sencha? The mail was delivered only to entry was not accepted to the top ten or even the finalist got the e-mail which informed them was on the top ten list?

Please someone reply to me, because I'm really working night and day to my application, but if I'm not on the list I could slow down a little bit .