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Thread: HTML Editor IE paste issue

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    Default HTML Editor IE paste issue

    Hi Guys,

    Ive encountered an issue when pasting text into a HTML editor with IE8.

    Ive tried this at the following url to be sure its not just something im doing:

    Steps are:

    1. Go to
    2. Open a text editor (in this case jujuedit)
    3. Add 7000 charatcers on one line
    4. Ctrl-a to select all the text
    5. copy the text
    6. right click in the htmleditor and paste

    The issue seems to be that some of the text is there but not visible, if you select the hidden text it then becomes visible.

    For example say i paste in 7000 characters in the form "aaaaaaaaaaaa"

    it will paste as follows:

    "aaaaaaaaaa |" with "|" being the cursor

    if i select the part that is not visble, " |", I then see


    Difficult to describe but i hope you get the jist,



    Ive added an attachment to try and show whats happening
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    This can be reproduced with pure GWT too, which we internly use:!CwRichText

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    Thanks Sven, I will raise this on the google fourm then.



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