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Thread: config api proprty explanation

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    Default config api proprty explanation


    As a part of using DirectJNgine, I have a js file that extends an Ext.FormPanel. Let's call the js file FormPanelExtension such that the declaration o the Object looks like:

    FormPanelExtension = Ext.extend(Ext.FormPanel, { ... }

    The file is supposed to call a backing Java service, called ProjectService, to retrieve one piece of information and put it in one textfield. I am writing this code based on how another former employee at my company wrote his FormPanelExtension. Inside his, he defined the initComponent property of FormPanelExtension as a function. One of the variable of the initComponent funtion is var config. A property of config is api. It looks like his version of api called some server-side methods, like this:

    api: {
    load: service.getInfo
    submit: service.update
    }, ...

    I am having trouble understanding what the purpose of the api property of the config object is. Better yet, I am also trying to figure out what type of object is supposed to be represented in config. My guess is that these are ExtJS standards, but I am not too sure.

    Thank you for the help.


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    The 'api' specifies the methods to use when loading or submitting a form (instead of using the url in a standard request).

    ps. Don't forget to mark your 'submit' method as formHandler in DirectJNgine!

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