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Thread: Upcoming release?

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    Default Upcoming release?

    Is there a new release anytime soon? It has been a while since the last update. I would guess this means there is a lot of changes in the works?


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    Hey Scott,

    Yes, and yes :-)

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    I'm considering purchasing Ext Designer, but wonder what my $300 gets me? I didn't see that documented any place yet, but I'll probably write to sales too.

    So, on average how many times a year is Designer updated? Are all updates free to paid users? Or just minor updates? Are updates free for a certain time period (1 year from purchase date) or free indefinitely? If updates are not free, is the upgrade price substantially less than the full purchase price? I would hope so as $300 is kind of steep. I understand you need to recover the cost of developing Designer, but being an independent developer I can't afford to fork out $300 a year when most of my other tools are Open Source (Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.)

    What does the future hold for Designer? Is there a road map of features that are planned? This too would help my purchase decision. For instance, I've read else wheres in the Forum that support for Sencha Touch is comming... being a big iPhone/iPad user I'd love to be able to create apps like those I can create with Ext Js & Designer. Next question is when is that support coming? If soon, sounds like I should just hold off... or will it be made to recent purchasers of a certain date?

    If this info is posted elsewhere please let me know, thanks.

    By the way I think Ext JS is great, and designer is pretty freaking awesome as well. Keep up the good work.

    -- Greg

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