I have set a click event on a panel this way :

newPanel = new Ext.Panel({
                                id: 'rowGridPanel_'+sptNbr+'_'+gridNbr+'_'+recordId,
                                layout: 'absolute',
                                recordId: recordId,
                                rowSeq: rowSeq,
                                x: 0,
                                y: powerBuilderYUnitsToPixels(yMaxGridHeader-yMinGridHeader+i*(yMaxGrid-yMinGrid+30)),
                                height: powerBuilderYUnitsToPixels(yMaxGrid-yMinGrid+30),
                                items: formFields,
                                listeners: {
                                    afterrender : function(scope) {
                                        var record = remoteGridJsonStore.getById(scope.recordId);
                                        if (record.get('markToDelete') == true) {
                                        var elt = scope.getEl();
                                        elt.on('click', clickFunction.createDelegate(scope, [sptNbr, gridNbr, scope.recordId,remoteGridJsonStore]));
afterwards I would like to fire this click event from Ext.getCmp('rowGridPanel_'+sptNbr+'_'+gridNbr+'_'+recordId).

How can I do that ?

Thank you in advance for your answers