I am trying to use filters in the editor grid example with PHP on the server side. The following code is the way I am invoking the filter feature.

final PagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<User>> loader = new BasePagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<User>>(
proxy, reader)
protected Object newLoadConfig() {
BasePagingLoadConfig config = new BaseFilterPagingLoadConfig();
return config;

I checked the post (through firebug) and it sends the following URL

sortField=username&sortDir=ASC&offset=30&limit=10&start=30&pagesize=10&sort=username&dir=ASC&action=Edit&editfieldname=username&editfieldvalue=Lamb, Kamal Z. rerer&recordid=49&filters=[com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.data.BaseStringFilterConfig@133, com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.data.BaseStringFilterConfig@134]
I noticed the post sends "filters" variable, which I did not set explicitly, like you would do with (BasePagingLoadConfig) m.set("start",m.get("offset"));

My questions is: how do I make it send filter field name and value instead of the address (guessing com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.data.BaseStringFilterConfig@134 is the address), so that I could use it my PHP code. I could set a variable for the field name and a variable for the value so that PHP can process filter in the query. However, if the filters value is already being passed I could use it and make the code simpler and more generic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.