hi team and community,

since I am going to introduce this component at the Sencha Conference (Brians UX Panel), I already start this topic now, so that the attendees have a place for feedback and discussions right after the Panel.

I have worked on this Grid for quite a long time and it has already gone live in the Refined Ads - Software about 6 weeks ago. It is not a TableGrid, so it offers all the features a normal Grid has: editors, resizing, column moving / hiding, grouping(!), filters, row editor and many UX are supported. It can be combined with Condors TableGridView-Advantages to create even faster rendering times (first benchmarks at the conf too).

The only difference is the rendering speed. I won't release the numbers before the conf, but I can already tell you it is lightning fast

The benchmarks i will show you are created for the pure rendering time only:
    beforerefresh : function(){
    ,refresh : function(){
The component is not only a change to the GridView, but also to GridPanel, EditorGridPanel, GroupingView and ColumnModel.

The licensing-question is still open. It won't be a free open source license, since although the Grid is super fast, the time needed for creation is not and it still needs further development (at least if I combine it with a TableGridView).

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best regards