Don't mean to cross post but I really am not sure if this is a Ext.Direct.Mvc implementation question or a Sencha Touch question.

Is there any reason why I should not be able to use Ext.Direct.Mvc with Sencha Touch? For the Ext.Direct.Mvc (ASP.NET MVC) implementation, you have to put a call in the very beginning of your app.js file to add the provider with the following code:
I am trying to put this in the launch method of the Ext.regApplication() call but getting an error "Cannot call method 'addProvider' of undefined" obviously it hasn't loaded the necessary files or is having a problem doing so.

Should this even work, should I be able to use the Ext.Direct.Mvc implementation with Touch? If so, where should I be placing the call to the addProvider method?

Thanks a ton...