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Thread: [DUPE-562] 1.0 Screen does not reposition on Android when a field is selected

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    Default [DUPE-562] 1.0 Screen does not reposition on Android when a field is selected

    Sencha Touch version tested:
    • 1.0
    • only default ext-all.css

    Platform tested against:
    • Android 2.2

    • When selecting a field the screen does not reposition to show the field which may be hidden by the keyboard. This is a variant of the default android behavior on forms.

    Test Case:

    current kitchen sink form demo

    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    • On an Android 2.2 device select a field that is along the bottom of the screen.

    The result that was expected:
    • The screen should reposition so that the field is visible.

    The result that occurs instead:
    • the screen does not reposition and the field is hidden by the keyboard

    Screenshot or Video:
    • attached

    Debugging already done:
    • none

    Possible fix:
    • not provided

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    Thanks for the bug report.

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    This is duplicated with:

    The issue has been partially resolved from 1.0.1
    Sencha Touch Lead Architect

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