Hi, no i haven't, but is easy, you use the code above to build a string like
'"val1","val2"\r"val3","val4"' etc
The separator depends on your language setting in windows, is normally , or ;
The main problem in javascript is taht you have to write this to a separae window and the let the user save it since javascript can't write to disk.

Ik you use vbscript (IE only) you don't have this limitation, the string would be
"""val1"",""val2"""&VbCrLf&"""val3"",""val4" instead but i'm not sure if to do this you also wouldn't have to activate ActiveX

You save the file with the .csv extension and windows opens it as a xls(x) file with the fields in separate colums.
If you succeed, please post your code.