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Thread: Updating YAHOO.ext.Element update

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    Default Updating YAHOO.ext.Element update

    I am using the method 'update' in YAHOO.ext.Element (passing false for 'loadScripts'). The text that I am updating (inserting) is HTML markup (including DIVs, FORMs, LABELs, INPUTs, etc). First, is 'update' supposed to support updating the Element with HTML markup, or is it intended for simple text updates?

    In firefox it seems to work fine, but in IE6 I get a strange behavior with the styling of the updated data. On my machine it smashes my form buttons together and on another system all of the LABELs are bold even though they should not be.

    Is there some other technique I should try? Any other thoughts?

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    It loads HTML markup using innerHTML.

    It won't process <style> elements. All your in-house styles should be in your main page.

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