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Thread: Transition and Map (in Phonegap)

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    Default Transition and Map (in Phonegap)

    Actually I try the Kitchen Sink demo on the iPhone 3Gs(iOS 4.1) and the app is compile in the Phonegap (0.9.2 ver). I figure out there is something wrong on the transition of the app.

    For example, when the first time click on the animation, when it finish animate into other page (e.g. slide), the new page/panel will become blank a while (whole app blink to white a while). Then when back and click the slide again, it wont have the blank again, is it require to load or something? This happen to all the transition, after click once then it wont have the problem again.

    Then the map function did not function properly as well, like it unable to finish load and unable to scroll. I dunno is phonegap problem or sencha touch problem, therefore I posted this here.

    Any help will be appreciate. Thank in advance.

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    Now I discover another thing. I compile under x-code 3.2.2 with phonegap 0.9.2 and test on iPod touch (iOS 3.1.3). The problem now no more, just that it did not so responsive on click/navigating if compare to 3Gs (iOS 4.1).

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