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Thread: can we have 2vtypes on the same textfield

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    Default can we have 2vtypes on the same textfield

    I have a registration form in which there is a text field for url input...
    I even have the vtype url for the same but now i want that the user should only input the url which doesnt exist in the DB...
    this is my code
    xtype : 'textfield',
    fieldLabel : '<font color=#15428B><b>Company URL</b></font><font color=red>*</font>',
    id : 'cmpURL',
    name : 'companyURL',
    vtype : 'url',
    validationEvent : '',
    allowBlank : false,
    width : 170,

    now i even want to check where the user is inputing unique url(Which doesnt have entries in my D...
    plz reply

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    You have will have to create your own vtype.

    Look at the API docs here and look at the first example with time. It shows how to create one with a function.
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    Or you could call two vtypes from the validator function.

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