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Thread: How to change clicked node of Ext TreePanel inside of an Ext Panel

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    Default How to change clicked node of Ext TreePanel inside of an Ext Panel

    I am trying to change either the CSS or the text property of a clicked node inside my treepanel which is added to a regular ext panel. In my below code I define a treenode as the root node and append several child nodes to it. I then take all the treenodes and add them to a TreePanel which is added to my extjs panel containing all the treenodes. Is there anyway to change the css or text property of each item in the ext Panel so that when I click on one item it has say red text instead of the black text except all other items go back to black text. Not sure if this is the best way to do this either as I just have a large menu of "themes" but each one has its own items under it so this is why I have done it this way. Appreciate any assistance.

    //Base Map Root Node
    var layer_Base_Root = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({
    cls: 'rootnode',
    text: "Base Maps",
    singleClickExpand: true,
    expanded: true
    //Base Map Child 
    var layer_BaseMap_Child = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({
    text: "Base Map",
    cls: 'childnode',
    listeners: {
    click: function (node, event) {
    changeTheme(node.text, map, mapPanel, false);
    //Base Map Tree Panel
    var layerTree_Base = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    root: layer_Base_Root,
    rootVisible: true,
    preloadChildren: true
    panel_Themes = new Ext.Panel({
    collapsed: false,
    height: 360,
    applyTo: 'themes',
    autoScroll: true,
    items: [layerTree_Base, other layer items after this]

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    once you have the reference to the tree node, why not just call node.setText() ?

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