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Thread: Ext Design Patterns

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    Default Ext Design Patterns

    I took the liberty and extended the 3 patterns I found in the community manual to the most commonly used/known patterns.

    For anyone who doesn't knows about Design Patterns, it's a big help for developers. Providing solutions for problems which have been perfected over the course of time.

    I personally think Ext is going to have a nice asset if a fairly complete list of Design Patterns with code-samples can be found (coded in the Ext-style). Since I couldn't find any site with a complete list of Design Patterns with code samples.

    Furthermore, it helps developers to understand how certain things in the Ext works.

    And finally, it gives "new" developers a jumpstart on developing, so they will feel more comfortable when developing.

    Since my knowledge of OO in javascript is limited I only started with the Singleton.

    Anyone there who can assist with good code-samples?

    More info:
    Wikipedia - Nice list with examples in C#

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    hmmm... maybe you could start the ball rolling so Ext will have something like this eventually?

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