Hello, I am trying to modify the Ext Calendar for our own internal purposes. Of course, this involves me modifying the Edit Event functionality with a custom form and hooking it into our database using an AJAX request.

So, my big question is how to ensure that the calendar month view is updated properly if the time for an event is changed. In my EventEditWindow.updateRecord() function, I've modified things to fire off the AJAX request.

In the success handler, I'm trying to refresh like this:

var self = this; // alias 'this' so in the 'success' handler we still have access to activeRecord

// then in the success handler
// reset activeRecord fields using object fields from response.responseText

try {
} catch (ee_refresh) {
Am I refreshing the calendar in the correct manner? If so, I assume I must be setting something invalid in the activeRecord because the event time is not updating in the month view.