I try to open a sqlite3 db which is protected by a password but after several attempts my results is :

ArgumentError : The dbFile parameter value specifies an existing database, but there is no encryption salt value in the default salt ELS key. Possibly when the database was created a custom salt ELS key was specified.
I am trying to open this sqlite3 db through ext-air (of course) which has been generated and encrypted server side by System.Data.SQLite (a .Net sqlite provide for ado.net).

I'm starting to asking myself if it's possible to have portable encrypted sqlite3 db and read them from different clients? Because I wasn't able to open my db from an sqlite IDE either and failed the same way if the encrypted db was created by the IDE. Of course each db have been successfully decrypted and opened by their "creator" system.

could the encryption system been closely linked with the system behind the database? from the few google results that I was able to found it shouldn't be but I seriously doubt about it...

If this isn't possible, could an existing db be encrypted by adobe air (or ext-air) and then decrypted (no password) to make it readable from a different system.

Oh, and my env is Adobe AIR sdk 2.5, ext 3.3, ext-air 3.2

Just a comment from my painful experience; I think the following line should throw an exception if the condition is not valid.
// line 1551 ext-air-debug
if (keyGen.validateStrongPassword(this.encryptionKey)) {
// no else, no exception