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Thread: successProperty in AJAX form submission

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    Default successProperty in AJAX form submission

    I'm trying to get an AJAX form submission to take JSON response data and consider it a success using a different key besides success: true (default). I've tried just about everything I can imagine, but still can't figure this out.

    Actually, I will say this. I know that successProperty isn't listed as a supported method, so why should I expect it to work? I guess I expected it to because it's an AJAX request. Is there any other way to modify the parameters before sending the data?

    You may be wondering: And why can't I just write success: true into the JSON API? Short answer - it's not mine.

    Any help, tips, pointers are greatly appreciated!

    Take care,

    this.homeLoginForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    	successProperty: 'somethingElse', // override the default success: true
    	standardSubmit: false,
    	itemId: 'homeLoginForm',
    	url: 'dummydata/post.php',
    	defaults: {
    		labelWidth: '33%',
    		 required: true,
    	items: [{
    	            xtype: 'fieldset',
    	            title: 'Log In',
    				instructions: "Please log in",
    	            items: [
    	                    xtype: 'textfield',
    	                    name : 'email',
    	                    label: 'Email',
    	                    xtype: 'passwordfield',
    	                    name : 'password',
    	                    label: 'Password',
    		new Ext.Panel({ //sticking a little panel in there for better button positioning
    			layout: {
    				type: 'hbox',
    				pack: 'end',
    				align: 'stretch'
    			items: [
    			new Ext.Button({ //the submit button
    				text: 'Log In',
    				listeners: {
    					tap: function(){
    						//console.log("Form ", Home.homeLoginForm.items.items[0].items.items);
    						console.log("Hit submit", Home.homeLoginForm.submit());
    	dockedItems: [
    		title: 'Home',
    		dock: 'top',
    		layout: { pack: 'end'},
    		xtype: 'toolbar',
    listeners : {
    	submit : function(form, result){
        	console.log('success', Ext.toArray(arguments));
      	exception : function(form, result){
    		console.log('failure', result);
        	// console.log('failure', Ext.toArray(arguments));

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    Im having the same issue now. did you ever get a resolution to this??

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