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    Default Simple Form Help -- send via email (stores info if no internet connection)


    Is there a way to use Sencha Touch for a form that gets filled out by a user and then the information from the form that was filled out gets emailed somewhere?

    The thing is, a lot of the time, the iPad will not have internet connection -- so the email that contains the information will need to be stored somehow until connection is established. I would greatly appreciate some help on this and can explain further if needed.

    I am trying to build an iPad app with Sencha touch and then will wrap with PhoneGap to make it a native app -- and I am no programmer, but I'm trying to make this work.

    Any tutorials and/or sample code would be very, very helpful.


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    You can create a URL to open the mail client, but you'd be relying on the user to press send.
    <a href="mailto:user@example.com?subject=sample mailto link&body=email text here">Mailto Link</a>
    You should be able to use window.location=mailto;... to automatically open the mail client

    To send an email without user intervention you'll need something like the EmailComposer PhoneGap plugin https://github.com/purplecabbage/pho.../EmailComposer

    There were some people talking about similar functionality on the PhoneGap google group. Search for "in app email"

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