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    Question Override default dateFormat


    I'm trying to set some global defaults so I don't have to specify a reader for every form, as well as not mentioning the dateFormat for every DateField.

    The code I currently use, (and would think is correct as well) is this:

    PHP Code:
    Ext.apply(Ext.form.DateField.prototype, {
    format'd-m-Y G:i'
    Ext.apply(, {
    However, when I load my forms without setting a reader my DateFields do get the correct date (in the correct format), but as time they always get 0:00. Enabling the reader (code below) fixes this problem.

    PHP Code:
    reader: new{
    root: function(v) {
            return ? [] : [];
    fields: [{
    Any ideas why the DateField override works, and the Field override doesn't?

    Thanks in advance!
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