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Thread: Local Storage - store.remove() doesn't sync Local Store

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    remove is working for me on 1.1.0 and removes only that record in local storage.

    You can do a search in the forum and you may see some overrides floating around I made to fix certain bugs in removing.
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    K I'm a little confused by this thread - but it is the first result in google and is EXACTLY the problem I am experiencing atm.

    I have Sencha Touch 1.1.0 loaded in Chrome 10 (desktop - for some initial dev work) and as it was records were not getting removed from the Local Storage.

    I am actually using this project that I have modified to run over normal web sockets.

    I hadn't even touched the Ext.Store chunks of code, but now I'm having to add this 'id' field to the store structure - which does indeed magically fix the remove/sync abilities.

    So is it "as designed" that an 'id' field must be present for the store to function properly or is there a problem in 1.1.0 that still needs to be fixed?

    (Or is that demo project just designed bass-ackwards to begin with maybe?)

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    It's been a year since the last response to this thread. I am having a different kind of problem with the localstorage. The removal of items from local storage works fine but after i remove the last item the local storage becomes unusable.

    In chromes debugger i see the local storage populated with 1 key for the proxy lets say that the proxy's id is
    'favoritesOffersProxy' after i add an item with id 57 i get 2 records. One that is the proxy and another that is the record. After i remove the record the proxy gets deleted also, so the local storage gets unusable and i have to refresh the page to initialize my proxy again... does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

    this is my store
    app.stores.FavoritesOffersStore = new{
            type: 'localstorage'
    and i delete a record like this

    If you have any questions about what exactly i'm talking about, don't hesitate to contacte me!

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chummy View Post
    It works for me if I add a field called "id" of type "int" to the model. Sencha Touch will populate the field. It seems, from having a quick look at the code, that Sencha Touch uses this field to identify the instance of the record that it must delete from the store.
    thanks this works for me

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