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Thread: Is Ext js 4's new MVC architecture worth waiting for?

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    Default Is Ext js 4's new MVC architecture worth waiting for?

    So I am building a web application that I intend to turn into a business in the very far future. It's a pretty complex application that will take quite some time to create (in my free time too). So far I have a lot of features of the backend done (although with a lot more backend work to do).

    I was prototyping the frontend and after several Jquery prototype UIs I started using Ext 3.3 for a more "final" UI. Through my experience I really like the power of Ext for the frontend and have met my first milestone (a good UI that I can use to demonstrate the product).

    The original plan was to use the UI I have now as an actual basis for continued and final development. However, one thing I keep seeing over and over about Ext4 is the MVC application architecture and better data/model management. From what I am reading, this will make development and maintenance much faster and easier, something I would definitely love for this to work long-term.

    I have only put about a month of work into my Ext3 UI, most of which was spent learning Ext (and javascript intricacies) so redoing the work probably won't be a huge endeavor at this stage, so I am wondering if I should hold off on any more UI work, refocus on the backend, and prepare to rewrite the UI when Ext 4 comes out.

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    If you've got enough backend stuff to keep you busy until the end of February (when Ext 4 is scheduled to released), I'd probably wait.

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    I vote yes. Look at sencha touch's mvc for a kick-start.

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