possible bug ....

when I click a link to a treepanel in listerners event,
use the following command to get a result returned from a json store and place on the grid ... else happens the following error ....


in each field is a result of the letter

my code below ...

//array store
    var store = new Ext.data.ArrayStore({
        fields: [
           {name: 'title',           type: 'string'},    
           {name: 'hora',      type: 'time'},
           {name: 'ignicao',      type: 'string'},
           {name: 'vel',             type: 'string'},
           {name: 'ponto',        type: 'string'},
           {name: 'distancia',    type: 'string'},
           {name: 'online',        type: 'string'},
           {name: 'panico',       type: 'string'},
           {name: 'gps',           type: 'string'},
           {name: 'codigo',      type: 'string'}

                new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
        store: store, el:'topic-grid', id: 'panel',
        columns: [
                             {header: "DESCRIÇÃO DO VEICULO", dataIndex: 'title',  width: 100,  sortable: true, id: 'title' },
                             {header: "HORÁRIO", dataIndex: 'hora', width: 100,sortable: true},
                             {header: "IGNIÇÃO",dataIndex: 'ignicao', width: 90,sortable: true},
                             {header: "VELOCIDADE",dataIndex: 'vel',width: 100,sortable: true},
                             {header: "PONTO MAIS PRÓXIMO",dataIndex: 'ponto',width: 380,sortable: true},
                             {header: "DISTÂNCIA DO PONTO",dataIndex: 'distancia',width: 310, sortable: true},
                             {header: "ON-LINE", dataIndex: 'online',width: 70,sortable: true},
                             {header: "PÂNICO",dataIndex: 'panico',width: 70,sortable: true},
                             {header: "GPS",dataIndex: 'gps',width: 50,sortable: true},
                             {id: 'codigo',header: "CÓDIGO",dataIndex: 'codigo',width: 50,sortable: true}
                                viewConfig: {
                                            forceFit:true,   enableRowBody:true,  showPreview:true,
        stripeRows: true,
        autoExpandColumn: 'title',
        height: 125,
        loadMask: true,
        title: 'Array Grid',
        stateful: true,
        stateId: 'grid'

//event link treepanel
listeners: { click: function(e){ 
                                    Tipo : gmp[i].topo
                                    ,Marca : gmp[i].marca
                                    ,Modelo : gmp[i].modelo
                                    ,Cor : gmp[i].cor
                                    ,Placa : gmp[i].placa
                                    ,"Ano Fabricação" : gmp[i].ano_fabrica
                                    ,"Ano Modelo" : gmp[i].ano_modelo
                                var title = gmp[i].title;   var hora = gmp[i].hora;  var ignicao = gmp[i].ignicao; var vel = gmp[i].vel; var ponto = gmp[i].ponto;
                                var codigo = gmp[i].codigo; var gps = gmp[i].gps; var distancia = gmp[i].distancia;  var panico = gmp[i].panico; var online = gmp[i].online;
                               myData2 = [ title,  hora,  ignicao,  vel,   ponto,  distancia,  online,  panico,  gps,  codigo ];