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    I Have a grid with GroupingStore .. I have used SummaryColumnConfig and added a SummaryRenderer for finding the Total Sum of a column..Now I want to add one more summaryRenderer for Average. how can i add that.

    SummaryColumnConfig column1 = new SummaryColumnConfig("comapny", "Comapny", 120);
    column1 .setSummaryRenderer(new SummaryRenderer() {
    public String render(Number value, Map data) {
    return "Sum";

    SummaryColumnConfig column2 = new SummaryColumnConfig("sale", "Sale", 120);

    col2.setSummaryRenderer(new SummaryRenderer() {
    public String render(Number value, Map data) {
    return value.intValue() "";

    Is It possible to add two aggregation(Sum and Average) in grouping store..How is it possible??Plz Reply

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    There is no support for more than one summary row for a grouping grid.
    You have to implement this your self.
    A good start is to extend GroupSummaryView and SummaryColumnConfig.

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