I am trying to get some simple iframe lazy loading to work. When the iframe loads it triggers a function in the parent frame which grabs the dom node from the iframe and appends it to a div. This works great in firefox, but I cannot get it to work in ie.

Here is the function that is called on the parent
/* divId is the div in the parent which should be appended to */
renderPartial = function(divId) {
    var elem = Ext.Element.get(divId);

   //get the dom node from the iframe
    var frameElement = Ext.getDom("iframe").contentWindow.document.getElementById('partial');
 //the following alert successfully shows the innerHTML, so we are getting the node.
//doesn't work

//also doesn't work
//also doesn't work

//this is the only thing that works
  elem.innerHTML = frameElement.innerHTML;
I have been trying tons of variations and only the innerHTML one works in IE. Problem is, I need to move the node with scripts and all, not just the html markup. Is this possible? Does anybody know what the problem is??

Thanks for any help,